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Psychology in the Workplace

Whether an employer is concerned with implementing an effective wellness program to help manage skyrocketing health care costs, hiring and developing the best talent to be competitive in a global marketplace, or being a good corporate citizen with sustainable business practices, the one common thread is human behavior – psychology’s area of expertise.

From industrial-organizational psychologists helping with hiring decisions, training, job design and change management, to consulting psychologists assisting with team dynamics and executive development, psychologists are at work every day in a variety of roles designed to enhance employee well-being and promote organizational performance. Occupational health psychologists are busy studying job stress and work-life conflict and if you go to access mental health services through your company’s employee assistance program or behavioral health benefits, clinical and counseling psychologists are there with the help you need.

The American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence works to enhance the functioning of individuals, groups, organizations and communities through the application of psychology to a broad range of workplace issues. The Center houses APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, a public education initiative designed to raise awareness of the value psychology brings to the workplace and promote programs and policies that enhance employee well-being and organizational performance.

Each year, APA also presents its Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards to employers that have demonstrated their commitment to creating a positive work environment where employees and the organization can thrive.

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When it comes to business, a little psychology goes a long way.

"The University of Arizona is honored to be recognized by the Arizona Psychological Association for promoting a psychologically healthy workplace. Our life-cycle services and campus-wide partnerships are designed to promote resiliency and well-being for our most valuable resources-our employees."

Saundra Taylor
Senior Vice President for Campus Life
University of Arizona